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Deep down everyone has a story waiting to be published. Stories are all around us, happening to us every day. Perhaps you are the observant type, seamlessly occupying your thoughts with all that goes on around you.

Gary's Bio


Gary's Bio -

   Gary Demers was born in San Antonio, TX in 1965. His passion for creative prose is drawn from the many places he has lived, traveled, and worked. He has lived as far north as Alaska, as far south as the Gulf of Mexico, and he has lived in California and New York with a few stops in between. His humor is as diverse as the people and cultures he has encountered stateside and abroad. Gary has written short stories for a variety of magazines and contracted out his ghost-writing services for a handful of published authors. Gary's first novel, Season in the Sun, is set for release in the Spring of 2020. 

    “It was around the time that I turned fifteen years old that I decided I wanted to be an Archeologist. I was fascinated by the stories of hidden treasures and ancient civilizations that remained buried, until someone did their research, digging deep into the earth to uncover the past. There was something strangely alluring to me about uncovering the past, but after High School I wanted to see the world, test the waters, and settle on an academic career decision later, down the road and a little further from my hometown.

  When I entered my first semester of college, I had traveled to over twenty-six different countries, forty-two states, and settled into the life of marriage and fatherhood. The idea of being an Archeologist never returned, but in its place, I become a keen observer of human behavior. I studied philosophy, psychology, theology, and ended up with a strong background in the behavioral sciences. 

   I’d Rather Not Be Me, will available in the winter of 2020. This Memoir is specific to my counseling work with many clients over the years and details observations and tools that have helped thousands of people in the most untraditional way. I am still fascinated by things buried in the past, but they are no longer buried in the dirt. These are treasures that are a matter of the heart, mind, and spirit.” – Gary A. Demers