About Gary

Born: Gary Allen Demers, April 30th, 1965, San Antonio, TX, U.S. (Nickname "Quill").

Occupation: Pres. of Notable Press. Writer, Memoirist. Former Behavior Analyst (Ret.)

Nationality: American (Ancestry - French, Irish, Scottish, and English).

Married: Cecelia O'Neill-Demers of Queens, New York, December 1987 -

Military Service: United States Navy

Bio Snapshot - A Man of Letters

Gary has written short stories for a variety of magazines, newspapers, social media platforms, and ghostwriting services for six novels. His first novel will be published in March 2019. He has been the active President of the Notable Writers organization since 2004, serving over 160 local, regional, and national authors.  Gary is also the Founder of Notable Press Publishing.

Dr. Demers is the former Director of Research and Education at the Southwest Institute for the Behavioral Sciences.  He managed collaborative research for publication materials, community education, and training for staff in counseling treatment methods.  Dr. Demers holds degrees in Clinical Counseling PhD., Psychology, Theology, and Business.  He primarily served with contractual parties as a Behavior Analyst.

Gary is an award winning entrepreneur and regularly holds community Health & Wellness educational events to promote healthy life management skills in the home and workplace. He continues to help many nonprofit organizations through regular speaking engagements, resource development, and has received many awards and honors for his community based contributions. He has instructed across many demographics from middle school age,  University,  and Corporate groups. Dr. Demers is interested in the interface of Science, Philosophy, Theology, and teaches Apologetics to Faith groups.


  • Acted in several television commercials and studied dramatic arts at Dowling College, New York​.
  • ​From an early age, Gary wanted to be an Archaeologist.
  • Has traveled on five continents.
  • After serving in the Navy, Gary went to work for NBC as a weatherman.​
  • His counseling techniques are similar in approach as Sherlock Holmes is to deductive/inductive reasoning with an empathic narrative.
  • Favorite books are biographies, memoirs, and 17th & 18th century history.