Q. Why should I hire a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is technically ‘work for hire.’ Think of it as hiring a landscaper, interior decorator, or an architect. You have an idea for a story, but you stumble to articulate that story on paper. You hire an interior decorator when you know you need help to articulate the desired outcome. Landscapers are hired, not just to mow the grass, but to create something of beauty and quality around the exterior of your home. Architects are consulted because your goals need a blueprint to articulate your concept into reality. A lot of people can paint their house, mow their grass, and build a shed, but will they be comfortable inviting someone over to brag about it? A well written story invites a greater number of people to share and read for many generations.

Q. What is your standard fee for a Memoir/Biography?

It varies with each ghostwriting contract. Some clients pay completely upfront, on average about $10k thru $30k per manuscript. And there are some who pay $0.0 costs upfront, but contractually they offer between 10%-25% of gross sales for the life of the book.

Notable Press offers a Free consultation that we call ‘Discovery’. It is our way of matching a new client, their publishing needs, with the best possible creative outcome.

Q. How many words on average do you write for a Memoir/Biography

Memoirs on average are between 60,000-80,000 words. {220 thru 290 pages.}

Biographies average between 70,000-90,000 words.  {260 thru 330 pages.}

In recent years, many clients are choosing to scale down their Memoirs into 140-150 page books. Averaging 40,000 words.

Q. Who owns the rights to my story?

You own it 100%.

Q. Who get’s credit for writing my book?

Unless otherwise indicated in the ‘work for hire’ contract, you get all the credit for the book.

Q. What if I don’t like your writing?

There are no surprises with the ghostwriting process. There is ongoing shared input throughout the process between client and ghostwriter. The book development will be to your liking.

Q. Are you able to design my book cover?

If it’s in the ‘work for hire’ contract, your book will be completed as agreed upon. And yes, we can develop a book cover to your liking. Most of our clients already have something creatively in mind for their book jacket, front/back. Many of our clients already have an illustrator or graphic designer in mind before the book is completed. We are here to assist in the entire process.

Q. How do I get started with Notable Press?

1. Call for a Free consultation.

2. Print and Mail out your custom ‘work for hire’ contract.

{You will receive a follow-up email with the agreement attached.}

3. Once our office receives your signed contract, we can begin.

4. Depending on the agreed upon Method, we can start with;

Option A. We rewrite the full story that you originally wrote.

Option B.  You tell us what your ideas are, then we write the whole book

Email or Mail your doubled spaced, typed written work to us for editing. If emailed, please attached your work with the MS Word file extension .doc or .docx

Email attachments to:  editor@notablepress.com

We work at your pace. Phone calls between client and ghostwriter will be an essential part of the process.