Savings on time & Money


Variety of content services

Time: Most people working full-time jobs will take years to complete their ideal book. 

Money: On the front end, it may seem like a big expenditure, but the rewards of a well written, marketable book, greatly outweigh the original expense. 


It is very important to get a consultation on your book concept prior to booking writing services. Gary offers a Free Consultation to help bridge the gap between your story ideas and final outline before any work begins. Publishing something worthwhile and marketable is a key factor to begin any work. 

Genre - Memoir, Biography, Epistolary

As a writer, Gary is able to produce material for any genre.  However, memoirs, biographies, and epistolary books are within his main expertise.


While many professional ghostwriters charge fees from $8,500 upward, Gary's services are flexible, depending on genre, word count, and deadline.

  • Monthly Writing Mentor Fee: $120, You write the book with Gary's mentorship to guide you. 
  • Memoir w/250 pages - $3,800 if you publish with Notable Press
  • Memoir w/250 pages - $5,500 without Notable Press Publishing
  • Biography w/300 pages - $6,300 w/Notable Press Publishing
  • Biography w/300 pages - $8,200 without/Notable Press Pub
  • Epistolary w/200 pages - $3,000 w/Notable Press Pub
  • Epistolary w/200 pages - $4,400 without Notable Press Pub

The above rates are very reasonable considering the return on your investment.  It is always best to ignore the cost for writing services until you have communicated your book concept by consultation. Many services, from writing to marketing, can be flexible for your best experience.

Monthly Consult Fee