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Why You Should Hire A Ghostwriter...

(cont..)  Maybe you’re the academic type with something very specific to publish. Your dreams of publishing your story cause you to stir in the middle of the night fixated on organizing your thoughts down on paper for all the world to applaud. Perchance you are the shy coworker cataloging all the workplace gossip. Compiling fiction with a dash of truth secretly storing away the remnants of whispers carried from watercooler conversations to your cubicle. Whoever you are, whatever stories held captive inside of you will only mean something to you unless you publish. 

There are many reasons why authors hire ghostwriters.

  • Difficulty putting thoughts down on paper.
  • Needing a mentor or coach who is a professional writer.
  • Time restraints. Unable to start the process of writing because your schedule is full. 
  • Needing to hire a professional writer because of his or her expertise in the field of editing and publishing.
  • You want your first book to be successful helping you learn the process of publishing, thereby strengthening your next series of books on your own. 

If you’re in the market for a ghostwriter, it is very important to get a free consultation with your hired ‘ghost’, as they say in the business. Their professional background and expertise should match the subject matter you are writing about for best desired outcome. 

Gary’s expertise – 

  • Psychology, Psychiatry, Theology, Behavioral Analyst
  • Military Ops, Military Life, Military Terminology
  • Business Development, Entrepreneurship
  • Family, Marriage, Relationships
  • Global Travel, Cultural Studies

Tip: You may not be writing specifically about a military campaign, religious experience, or psychological trauma, but one or more of your characters in your story will have their own life experience. A hired ghostwriter will be able to identify weaknesses in your story and help guide your book development to successful conclusion. 

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Gary Demers 

Time & Money

A big reason for hiring a ghostwriter is the huge savings on Time and Money.